In the   Northeast of  Brazil , near the Atlantic Ocean , 25 km distant from Recife , the  capital of the state of  Pernambuco , between the municipios Sao Lourenço da Mata e  Camaragibe ( 10 km distante to place where the "Copa do monde 2014"  took place ) , we found  ALDEIA , a large green highland , surrounded  by the original forest of this region (mata atlantica)  and situated about 100 m above  sea level ,  so that  a fresh  and pleasant clima  is guaranted all over the year . 


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ALDEIA , still not very  discovered by the local tourism  , represents a secret for  a comfortable  living stile to  the residents of  the city of the   Recife  :  beautiful country houses and    cottages are spread  over  a large green region  .The  always sonny weather   lacks the  typical heavy tropical  heat  because  of the high altitude and  the frequent rainfalls during the night  .  Each cottage   has its proper  water supply  because of the numerous  fountains of pure mineral    water . 

The tranquility of Aldeia is  another  important argument for a stay  in  this  part of  Pernambuco . Best time for   holidays in Aldeia would be the períods between  the months march and   june and  between september and  december :  at this time we have the profound blue sky together with brillant white clouds and  the fresh  green of the  tropical floresta  intensely washed by  the nightly rainfall .

How to come to the Pousada "Lazer em Aldeia" ? From Europe there are   direct flights to the Recife  International Airport , departing from  Frankfurt, Paris or Lisboa . Then it goes with  Táxi (~ R$ 100.00)  or Metro or  Autobus to the Camaragibe , Estrada de Aldeia km 9 . From this highstreet there are       only 300 m to the Pousada .